Libby Sterling - Cairns, cameras & courses - S2 E03

Libby Sterling - Cairns, cameras & courses - S2 E03
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Libby Sterling - Cairns, cameras & courses - S2 E03

Jun 20 2021 | 00:59:50

Episode June 20, 2021 00:59:50

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Matt Waters

Show Notes

Libby Sterling is a dive pro who specialises in teaching solo training for divers wishing to be self-sufficient.  She's a dab hand with a camera and doesn't mind sharing her knowledge with those who ask. You'll regularly find  Libby on one of the many boats operating out of Cairns, Australia and as a member of the Nautilus dive club, she's also won a couple of tasty awards for her camerawork too.

Facebook: Libby Sterling Photography | Facebook

Instagram: Libby_Sterling_Photography

Nautilus dive club:

Links to local Cairns operators  Libby dives with:

Passions Of Paradise: Passions of Paradise - Great Barrier Reef Tours Cairns

Deep Sea Divers Den:  Great Barrier Reef - Dive & Snorkel Tours | Divers Den

Frankland Island Tours:  Frankland Islands Reef Cruises | Cairns Day Tours | Island Day Trips

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions:  Cairns Liveaboard Scuba Diving - Great Barrier Reef, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea. (

we hope you enjoy the episode and as usual, you will find Libby on the Scuba Goat Network on Facebook should you have any questions for her.  Click to join and answer the 3 questions, that's it. 

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