Deborah Dickson-Smith - Global travel Part II - S02 E13

Deborah Dickson-Smith - Global travel Part II - S02 E13
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Deborah Dickson-Smith - Global travel Part II - S02 E13

Oct 21 2021 | 00:44:55

Episode October 21, 2021 00:44:55

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Matt Waters

Show Notes

The second part of our mini-series with Deb and I talking through more destinations that every diver should have on their bucket list and highlight some of the up to date travel requirements for the destinations mentioned.

See chapter markers for locations discussed and S02 E12 for the first part of this series.

Deborah Dickson-Smith, is a writer, editor and publisher who has built a career in the travel media industry.  She has managed to travel (and dive) through most of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.  Deb now uses these experiences to design tailor-made dive holiday experiences for her clients at Diveplanit Travel.

Deb and partner Simon Mallender launched Diveplanit in 2012, initially a blog to share
dive travel experiences and highlight marine conservation issues. Diveplanit has since
morphed into an online dive travel guide, content marketing agency and dive travel
agency, with the purchase of Diversion Dive Travel in 2018.

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  • Travel information was collected from various sources and correct on the day of recording the show.
  • The travel discount offered by Diveplanit is for international travel (excluding flights), terms and conditions apply
  • Thanks to Master Liveaboards for their travel information input.

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